Please fill out the rehoming form if interested in any of the ponies. Hover over their pic on this page for more details or click on the gallery. Thanks for looking & please don't be put off by the questions in our form.  We just need assurance the ponies are going to a loving home and we won't let them go to dealers or breeders.  If you haven't had a horse for a while we may be able to offer a protected loan and if things don't work out you can always bring the pony back to us. 

The try our best to keep the website up to date, our facebook page is often more up to date with ponies looking for their forever home, so please click the link and have a look here to check out the albums where you will find more pics of the individual ponies.We're sure you won't regret rehoming a rescue pony and we're here for support if you need us.  Each one saved leaves space for another.  Some are handled, some are not, but those that aren't just need to get used to human contact because they probably came from the Welsh Commons :)