Latest Rescues

Here are some of the most recent ponies that have come into our care:


Grace was brought in extremely emaciated from Gelligaer Common on the 10th July 2020 and while initial vetinary examinations and blood tests showed she had elevated liver enzymes along with raised protein and inflammatory markers, she remained bright and alert in herself and we were hopeful she would be able to recover.

She was placed on a diet specifically tailored to her needs and initially put weight on. Sadly Grace deteriorated quite rapidly in September and lost her fight. She was very much loved by all the team and we would like to thank the Volunteers, Vets & all our supporters who made the rescue & care possible. Grace is sadly one of the many ponies who don't always make it, but we give each and every pony that comes into our care the attention they deserve.

26 February 19 - Ellie was handed to us anonymously after being found beaten, she had sustained terrible injuries around her head & neck and the vets confirmed her eye needed to be removed.  She travelled to hospital yesterday (25 Feb) to undergo surgery.  She has had her eye removed today and will have x-rays around her head to ensure no damage has been missed.  She is the sweetest pony and we really cannot understand why anyone would have done this to her.   We are raising money for Ellie's vet fees.  If you could donate please click here.



February 2018 - Another rescue on Gelligaer Common


2 mares poor in condition, one with 2 colt foals, the other with just one.  The little grey is looking very poor, the chestnut too and she has a tiny colt foal at foot, also a yearling foal.  She would not have survived much longer in the conditons, with the Beast from the East set to hit the commons in the next week, these ponies are now safe.




23rd August 2017 - 7 more dumped foals rescued from a field around Wick, some only weeks old and far too young to be away from their Mum, we're glad to be able to report that a couple of weeks on these babies are doing very well considering what they have been through.  All are eating & taking replacement milk well.






11th August 2017 - Baby Suzanna was rescued from the common, needless cruelty.  It appears she was likely stabbed and hit hard on her head by someone.  We're happy to say that she is doing extremely well and will soon be able to go on to her forever home.


















26 July 2017 - We had a call about some foals abandoned in a field, we quickly attended and found 11 foals.  All foals needed vet attention and most were very weak, coughing and covered in oil, some with very badly ulcerated eyes.  All received vet treatment of antibiotic and treatment for their eyes and were later wormd.  Today ( 3 September 2017), we're pleased to be able to say 7 of the foals are already in their new homes and thriving.  We have one foal whose eyes are still needing treatment and may need an operation.



At the end of April, Dixie's mum was having a hard time foaling on the Common, we managed to get her in with the help of another local charity.  Unfortunately Dixie's mum lost her fight and left her little orphan foal behind.  He has been hand reared from day one, although we were able to get his first milk from his mum.  Lorraine worked tirelessley to keep Dixie fed around the clock, having him at home for the first couple of weeks.  He is now in a stable, being fed around the clock by Ann and her team with our other 2 orphan foals Chippy & Lightening.

Chippy was found on the common with injuries and drinking from puddles, he had been left behind by his Mum & the herd, about a week old.... his wounds were treated and stitched by the vet, his shoulder injury being infected with chipped bone too.. When he was a little stronger he was taken for x-rays to the vet.  We found he had fractures to his back leg too and cracked rib.  This little fella has taken it all in his stride... he is currently with the other orphans being fed around the clock & thriving.




On 20th May, sadly we received reports of 2 dead ponies & a sheep after a thunder storm.  We found this little foal still trying to suckle from his Mum, he was only 1 week old.  He has been named lightening and has joined the other 2 orphans and is such a good little boy, doing extremely well.  All 3 of the foals are doing really well, but of course are extremely hard work for Ann, having to keep them fed around the clock, but it is worth it to see them thrive.

This little Chestnut mare was brought to our attention by one of our supporters last night.  In very poor condition & unlikely to make another night on the bleak commons. The team took swift action this morning and were straight out to find her on Gelligaer Common.  She was quickly located.  She is now safe in our care, she will be seen by our vet, wormed & started on blood tonics and rehomed when fit & well.  06/02/2017







While putting out hay on Gelligaer Common this Saturday, these two ponies were found looking in very poor condition.  The little black colt being bullied and both severely emaciated.  The team quickly took action to collect the pen and get the little Palomino filly & Black colt on the box to safety. They will be seen by our vet, wormed, & started on blood tonics.  They will be rehomed when fit & healthy.  04/02/2017






Please see our ponies looking for forever homes page for our rescues that are ready to go to their new homes, you can complete a form there.  Donations are always welcome for the helping the many ponies in our care.  You can follow the progress of these ponies on our Facebook group.