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26 February 19 - Ellie was handed to us anonymously after being found beaten, she had sustained terrible injuries around her head & neck and the vets confirmed her eye needed to be removed.  She travelled to hospital yesterday (25 Feb) to undergo surgery.  She has had her eye removed today and will have x-rays around her head to ensure no damage has been missed.  She is the sweetest pony and we really cannot understand why anyone would have done this to her.   We are raising money for Ellie's vet fees.  If you could donate please click here.





Feb 2019 - SEIB Giving


We're through to the last 10 of the SEIB giving competition for £50k, this would mean so much to our little charity.  We can't quite believe it!! Thanks so much to everyone who voted for us.  Whether we win or not we are absolutely thrilled to be in the last 10.


Look on our facebook page here 











February 2018 - Another rescue on Gelligaer Common


2 mares poor in condition, one with 2 colt foals, the other with just one.  The little grey is looking very poor, the chestnut too and she has a tiny colt foal at foot, also a yearling foal.  She would not have survived much longer in the conditons, with the Beast from the East set to hit the commons in the next week, these ponies are now safe.





28th August 2017 - The Memorial Garden


One of our volunteers & supporter, Lin Ashcroft came this weekend to continue her work on the memorial garden.  Our founder had the idea of a memorial garden in a disused corner of the yard and the lovely Lin made the vision a reality when she first started work on the garden in July.  Since then she has come back an planted more, she has also laid some memorial stones in memory of the ponies we have lost this year and have gone over rainbow bridge, so their memory can live on.  Thank you Lin & Richard Ashcroft.



3/7/17 - the dreaded ragwort!!  Unfortunately, we inherited the yard at Caerphilly with a field full of ragwort.  Volunteers cleared the field so it is now safe for the ponies to graze, hopefully we will have seen the back of the dreaded stuff altogether soon!!


11/6/17 - the fencing began!!

Well what an amazing busy weekend at The Yard in Caerphilly. It started by taking down the old fencing on Saturday which was falling down, we only managed to get 11 posts in as every post that went in had rock in it, left the yard that night not really on a high because we were behind schedule.
Sunday came and so did a few more helpers.  We now have 2 newly fenced paddocks complete with electric fence, still lots more to do though!  Thanks so much to everyone that donated to make this possible.  It took us 2 weekends of hard work to complete the task, but as usual our volunteers came through and pulled it off.

Fencing 31/5/17


Over the next couple of weeks we're on a mission to get a few safe paddocks sorted at the yard.  This is going to cost us around £800, but it means we can safely keep the ponies seperate, so poorly ones can graze peacefully, our aged residents can have safe daily turnout and those more feisty ones can enjoy themselves while waiting for their new homes.  Please consider donating here if you can spare a £1, every little helps.  Thank you


Sunday 12th March we had to deal with a life threatening emergency out on Gelligaer common.
A young filly not even 2yrs of age pregnant and unable to pass her foal.  Unfortunately her foal was dead inside of her tiny frail body.  We removed the filly from the Common and called the emergency vet, it took the vet a long time to remove the foal, the poor filly exhausted and requiring pain killer and antibiotics.  The out of hours call on a Sunday will leave us with a large vet bill, but we cannot turn our back on a pony in need.
If anyone is able to donate to our vet fees please click this link to our Donations Page.
Now Monday 13th we are able to report that the filly is eating and drinking normally and awaiting a futher visit from the vet for checks and medicing.  We are hoping she will pull through this terrible ordeal, such a traumatic experience for the filly and the team that attended.

While out checking the ponies on the Common this little Colt came to our attention, only around 6 months old, he was looking very weak and clearly needed some TLC.  We didn't have the pen with us at the time, but this little one didn't put up much of a fight and for a wild pony was quite easy to get onto the box, it was as if he knew we were there to help him.  He has had a full vet examination and is being wormed, given all the feed and attention he needs.

His name is Officer Dibble (that could have something to do with a supporter that was out with us on the Common helping our work on this day!)





Dolly & Cain have been with us since early February, both rescued from the Commons.  Both are receiving all the love, care and medical attention available.  One of our supporters came to visit our yard this week and here is what she had to say:


"Having re homed a pony from the WRRP, and made a few donations,I thought I knew a bit about them, but how wrong could I be?? I actually got to visit the Caerphilly Yard last weekend and was totally shocked and devastated at what I saw. As I sat in a dark stable with a very poorly ponies head in my lap, I have never felt so hopeless in my life.
The Yard itself is in dire need of surfacing, fencing and repair. There is NO water supply, NO way of lighting,... NO real storage facilities etc etc.
Every drop of water over and above rainwater has to be carried to the yard!!!!the only lights are torches!!!
What they have is the very very bare basics.
And yet..... a small amazing band of dedicated supporters keep it going, caring for the sick and needy ponies they gather from here there and anywhere where needed, and will not give up on a single one of them. These people are heroes!!!
We give what we can, when we can, which is always so greatly appreciated and never taken for granted and always put to its best use...... BUT.......... imagine the difference if a regular income was available! It would enable the project to plan for larger purchases which are so badly needed, for ponies now, and in the future.
Due to geography,time, health etc etc many of us are unable to give the physical support we would like to, however, if someone knocked on my door on a weekly basis, and asked for £1 for the ponies I would gladly give it, as I am positive most of us would. You think.. what difference does £1 make? There are 12,000 members on the main site- just imagine all those £1's!!!!!!!! The difference could be amazing!!!!
Please, please if you can do this, via direct debit the account no is 61844946, sort code 40-32-16 HSBC bank for the Welsh Pony Rescue and Rehoming Charitable Trust.
You would not miss it, and, if we all did it, it would mean soooo much.
Please comment if you can donate."


Today lucky Spot the rescue minature horse visited Aber Mill Care Home as a therapy horse, he was so well behaved and patiently waited as he went around the residents for his carrots.

It was lovely to see the smiles on all the resident's faces,  so apparently this is to become a regular happening.  21/2/2017

Many of our supporters turned up today to Gelligaer Common & some travelled quite a distance to help us .
We met at 12.30 & we put out about 100 bales of hay that was donated to us by Robb Urguhart last week.

All the hay was put out, which means we can now collect more from Robb.
We have been keeping an eye on 2 of the youngsters who were not looking that great but were always in a difficult spot & we could not get them, but today by chance they were right where we needed them so we had to get them.
Ann & a few others went to the farm to collect the pen, whilst some of us stayed on the common to make sure they stayed in the spot where we wanted them.
All hands on deck the pen went up in no time & within about half hour both were caught.
We put them on the lorry & took them straight to our yard in Caerphilly where they are in a stable & will need a lot of tlc.  Pics of the ponies are on our latest rescues page and follow their progress on our Facebook group.




Wales Online visited our Caerphilly yard on Wednesday 1st February 2017 to speak with Ann about our newly registered charity.  Please click here for the full story.





        THE winter nights see yet another life lost to a careless, reckless driver of the commons of Gelligaer and Fochriw.

         A horse was found wandering lame, another suspected road traffic collision.  He had suffered an injury to his leg and having been unable to carry his own weight he fell to the ground unable to get up and the bone now protruding.

The team at Welsh Pony Rescue and Rehoming were called and approached who they believed to be the owner of the pony, to tell him about the incident.  That person denied ownership, with no chip or identification to prove ownership we were left helpless.

The pony was a young black colt age around 2 year old, his life ended much too soon.  All too often we see this time and time again, no chip in the horse, no way of identifying who this horse belongs to.  The young colt was laid to rest humanely.

DONATE £4.00 today to help with our winter-feeding programme to keep the horses away from the roads. THANK YOU!

23 November 2016


Pets at Home, Merthyr Tydfil



           Team members,  gratefully accept a cheque from Assistant Manager at Pets at Home Merthyr Tydfil.  They raised a massive £268.76 for the rescue ponies following their Summer fundraising drive and raffle.  The #keepingcool fundraising drive and raffle, raised £464,013 for the Adoption for Pets.  Thank you to all those that supported the fundraiser and gave so generously.


           We cannot thank you enough, this donation will give much needed help with the "Winter feeding programme" for 2016.


           Thank you for chosing Welsh Pony Rescue and Rehoming as your chosen charity at Merthyr Tydfil for 2016. 


19 November 2016